OLA-UBER the unspoken scam

OLA-UBER the unspoken scam

OLA-UBER the unspoken scam. Confused read the experience I had. Last night I landed at Delhi airport exactly at 11:30 pm from Kolkata. Opened the app to get a taxi. Nothing was available on Uber or on Ola. Kept trying, alternating between the two, trying every possible car, premier, suv, micro etc. Not just me, but many other passengers were also stranded. Lots of them preferred auto and pre-paid cabs and left in those. Many of us kept trying. The fare for Baner( 18 KM) from the airport initially was Rs. 240 and went up to Rs 500 in some time (for some it went up from Rs 350 to Rs 600). I kept trying till I got one driver at 12:30 am (60 min later!).

How does Ola-Uber scam works?

Here is the fun part, the driver who picked me up candidly showed about 50+ cabs waiting near Airport and told me:

OLA-UBER the unspoken scam
  1. All cab drivers switch off their apps at night and wait for price hike due to unavailability (situation created through collective effort)
  2. At 1:30 am the automatic price hike takes place. Horrible experience, security concerns for woman, can not rely and wonder if Ola, Uber can punish these offenders? Need serious competition and the list doesn’t end here
  3. When someone book a cab the drivers call, ask for the drop location, and then cancel the ride if they don’t want to go there
  4. Drivers have the guts to come to the pick up point, ask for the mode of payment, and deny serving the ride and still stay at the pick up point. In the app, this shows that the driver has reached the pick up point and has marked himself reached. But he won’t cancel. The customer has to cancel but again, the customer is asked to pay cancellation fee.
  5. Prebooked cabs call and ask for drop location and then cancel. People have missed trains, flights and buses like this. No other ola or uber would be available in the vicinity, because HELLO, you have to subscribe to a plan to be on priority.

Drivers now don’t cancel, and wait till the customer gets late and cancels on their own.

Cancellation charges get applied. Even if asked for a waiver, they say they can’t waive for more than five times a month, but the drivers can cancel all thirty days. Ola and Uber should have fair rules.

A little more on the scam

OLA-UBER the unspoken scam has many parts but,

the best part is whenever you open their application irrespective of time, date,

location 98% of the time, surge pricing is applicable. And I must add these are one of the biggest scams done by both these companies and it’s fleet of drivers

Missed one important point, which is very recent.

Uber drivers come to the pickup point, pick you up and then cancel the ride once you are in the car. They ask for the whole fare in cash. Since ola has an OTP system to start the ride, the driver comes, and then refuses to go to the destination. You are forced to cancel due to limited time and then they take you to your destination, demanding a higher fare. N number of complaints to the app company fall completely on deaf ears.

What can we do?

What can we do? Well nothing there are lot of complaints already registered at our consumer forum against these guys but OLA-UBER the unspoken scam works in India because –

The CEO of these companies have their hands long up and they can shut everyone with cash.

However this is a special message for OLA only with a 24 thousand cr. debt on your head and you are ripping off people.

Do not operate in such way it will just ruin you more.

JANHIT MAY JARI on OLA-UBER the unspoken scam



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