Dell Laptop repair in Kolkata (CALL – 9830444493)

dell laptop repair in kolkata

Dell laptop repair in Kolkata is not a very rare thing however there is a difference with every technician you go to get your device fixed, the difference is expertise in the work. Not everyone with a shop or a website will provide you with actual technical expertise to fix your laptop whether it is on base level or chip level. However, we are engineers ourselves so we do not depend on third-party repairers or other technicians we do it ourselves with care and precision so we can be the best dell service center in Kolkata.

Best Dell service center in Kolkata

You must be thinking, “Bro, how can you claim that you are the best?” And we will be like bro we do not set unrealistic set of standards for our customers for . Like one day delivery and we can fix your fire burnt destroyed device no we do not do that but what we do is check your device thoroughly and then we provide the time frame to our customers if the device is not fixable we say that to our customer and then fix it just to make them happy.

We are not best just by saying we are best by doing and receiving reviews from our customers not fake ones, real ones. Now we will teach you how you can fix your dell laptop by yourself and if you can do it by yourself feel free to give us a call on 9830444493.

How to determine the device is facing an issue?

We are putting out a list of issues from which you can determine what sort of issue your device is facing right now, here is the list –

Best Dell service center in Kolkata
  • The screen flickering issue
  • keyboard keys not working on my dell laptop
  • BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death issue
  • Overheating
  • Battery draining out quickly
  • Regular system crashes
  • Virus/Malware detected
  • .dll file error ( for any missing .dll file click here )
  • Graphical errors like your computer screen is jumbled.
  • Odd noises coming from laptop
  • Laptop is on but nothing on screen
  • USB ports are not working
  • Broken Hinge
  • Broken body
  • Smoke coming out of the laptop
  • Charging port unresponsive
  • burning smell coming from laptop
  • Speakers are crackling.

These are the basic things you should check while you are facing an issue with your laptop.

What to do when I am facing these issues?

Well, if you face these issues in your dell laptop first, do not try to be an engineer and try to take the laptop to a proper repair shop or search the web for Dell Laptop repair in Kolkata or just bring it to THE REPAIR SHOP.

On a serious note do not try to fix it or open it yourself or do it anything to it just take to your nearest repair shop the real process of fixing a laptop –

  • You take the laptop to the shop.
  • First they check what is wrong with it after listening to whatever problem you may describe.
  • Then the dell laptop is thoroughly checked by a dell specialized technician.
  • Then they will tell you what the issue is and give you a time frame.
  • They will start working on it and keep on updating you on the progress
  • They finish the work and return the device

Dell laptop repair in Kolkata by THE REPAIR SHOP

I am not gona bore you with we are the best at what we do speech, things happen and we solve it that is it nothing more, however we have DELL SPECIALIZED TECHNICIAN at our disposal who can fix any dell laptop. So if you are facing any issue with your dell laptop feel free to contact us for dell laptop repair in kolkata on –

PHONE: 9830444493



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