Coronavirus Airborne indoors WHO confirms (True or false?)

Coronavirus Airborne indoors WHO confirms

WHO has formally acknowledged the possibility that the novel coronavirus can remain in the air in crowded indoor spaces, where “short-range aerosol transmission… cannot be ruled out. Meaning Coronavirus airborne possibility is there hey we are not saying this, WHO has proof that the novel coronavirus can be transmitted in a room or within a building via air. We will tell you what we assume on how it can be transmitted.

What is Coronavirus in short?

Coronavirus Airborne indoors WHO confirms
Coronavirus Airborne indoors WHO confirms

By this time we all know what CORONAVIRUS is however because this blog needs more subheadings we are going to tell you. Its a may or may not be a synthetic virus made by… Well let us not go there. Its a virus which gets transmitted via droplets from one infected person to another healthy person and it spreads. Mostly it affects the respiratory system and the taste buds on your tongue .

If you are above 60 years of age or diabetic or have any heart conditions then probably your chances of survival is little less. But do not panic have faith on our modern medicines.

Coronavirus Airborne

On 29th march 2020 WHO already claimed that this virus can stay airborne for a little while and now after 4 months Coronavirus Airborne theory is being ruled by almost 239 experts around the world.

So how will it spread via air? Do not panic yet but if a virus is evolving this fast then there could be a thin line chance that power of the virus being airborne can also increase.

Is it really Airborne

Maybe it is but is it fatal yet?

Now let’s discuss about the virus being airborne –

  • Laboratory studies have demonstrated that SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, can be aerosolised, and can survive for up to four hours in this form.
  • Genetic material from SARS-CoV-2 has been detected in aerosols sampled at hospitals, including two hospitals in Wuhan, the Chinese city from which the pandemic emerged. But it’s important to note the presence of this genetic material doesn’t necessarily mean the virus is infectious in this form.
  • The strongest evidence, however, comes through the various case reports of super-spreading events. These are situations in which many people appear to have been infected with coronavirus in the absence of close contact.

According to WHO Chief Scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan said –

The coronavirus can survive in the air for some times in tiny droplets and get transmitted, but this happens in a very limited environment.

What is WHO saying about Coronavirus Airborne?

Dr Swaminathan also explained

When we speak, shout, sing or even breathe, there are a lot of droplets that come out of our mouth, and these droplets are of different sizes.

The larger droplets fall on to the ground within 1-2 meters.

This is why there is so much emphasis on maintaining distance so that these droplets can be prevented from directly transmitting from one person to another.

But there are also smaller droplets that are less than 5 microns in size.

They are called aerosols and since they are small in size, they can stay a bit longer in the air as they take a little longer to settle on the ground.

These droplets can be moved around by gusts of winds etc.

Therefore, these particles could be inhaled by other people who are in the vicinity. This form of transmission of Covid-19 can be called as airborne transmission,

What should we do now?

Now what we can do is , follow few rules and guidelines which are provided by WHO

  • Maintain distance form another person
  • Wear mask
  • Wear gloves
  • Do not eat takeaway food for now
  • Use sanitizer at all times
  • Clean your hands
  • If you come back from outdoors sanitize yourself first then have a bath.
  • Eat healthy.
  • If you feel that your have contracted the virus the best thing you can do is self quarantine yourself in home.
  • If it gets worse contact the local authorities who can take you to a nearby hospital.

Should we be scared of Coronavirus Airborne?

NO, we are all in this together the best thing you can do is maintain the rules. Everyone gets one chance to be a hero well this is it people, We are all avengers, we are all Justice league now –

Let Us Save Humanity together

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