“APPCO SCAM” The real face of Appco group

Well, yes as per all the reviews in glassdoor and mouthshut. I will share few details which will make things clear about APPCO GROUP being a group of scammers. And yes Appco scam is real.

Who are Appco?

Let’s just say its a company who produces professional beggers in the name of NGO. Relax people, relax I have proof also.

So sit down and let us begin the show on Appco scam. And the people who are the victims and the people who are responsible for it.

What is Appco scam?

You may have a question that why I am doing this first the TCS email scammers and now this, I am doing this because no one else will. The government thinks these are very small issue but these are not actually these are big issues which is killing our youth mentally, destroying jobs, destroying dreams, destroying carriers. Today I am going to share with you every review which I have found on them on sites like GLASSDOOR.

Appco runs many things on their name in Kolkata they are known as FLOYD Inc. you may get a call from them regarding a job opening as business associate.

Hey! Do yourselves a favor and just ignore the call or else you will face something like this

Is the Appco Group really a scam?

The proof of Appco Scam

This is a website which I am not going to name due their safety here you can see the review is 51 and in Glassdoor it is almost 400+ I would not have believed it but 500+ people will not lie.

Let me show you some of the review –

Appco scam

The 3 musketeers of anarchy as you can see the name of the owners. They are even lechers. Great Job guys and this is just one review out of hundreds.

Appco scam reality

Now the big one in which the whole story is written

Is appco group are scammers

Here is another one of the review

Begging for money? Really you are asking an honest professional to do your dirty bidding? How low can you stoop?

Last but not the least I am going to share the link of the consumer complaint forum here where you can actually check my claims are not false about appco scam –


Cobra, Appco, Legion I do not give a shit about you scammers I give shit about the people who are desperate or just looking forward to get a Job or a person who just took a retirement I am writing this for them. If no one else will take care of my city and my people I will.

I have done my part rest is upto you all.

Why are we doing this?

Because its not our agenda only to make profits and check balance sheet and bury our heads in the ground while the rest of the world burns.

We are not vigilantes nor social workers, we just don’t like good people suffering.

Let us make this world a better place to live.


HOW “TCS EMAIL SCAM” Works in real world

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